Ubuntu – How to force Chrome to open in secondary display


I have Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 up to date and Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 (64-bit). Gnome names my monitor as "secondary display" and TV as "primary display". TV is on the left hand side and monitor on the right.
When I open Chrome, it always opens in primary display. That is really annoying, as it is a TV and usually off or used as a TV. I always have to Super+Shift+Right arrow to get Chrome to my monitor.
The window that asks for password when I open Chrome opens in my monitor. I have several profiles in Chrome, they all open in secondary display.

How do I control where Chrome opens?

Best Answer

  1. After boot, open Chrome.
  2. If it asks for password, give it.
  3. Move Chrome to desired position.
  4. Close Chrome.
  5. Open Chrome

Now it does not ask for password and opens in desired position. If you have more profiles, open all, move them and close them. Next time they will open in the same position.