Ubuntu – How to force Krusader to use Ubuntu’s file associations

14.04file associationkrusader

Is there a (semi-)automated way of forcing Krusader to use Ubuntu's (14.04) file associations?

I know I can do it manually, for each file extension. But, for example, yesterday I installed PlayOnLinux, and now Krusader opens PNG files in WINE Internet Explorer. While the Ubuntu's file manager (or the desktop) uses Image Viewer, as it should. Similar things happen when I install other programs (such as Okular), and it comes to the point where I have no idea which program will start when I open a file.

Best Answer

One workaround is to create an useraction (Useractions > Manage user action) that does:

xdg-open %aCurrent%;

and keymap it (Settings > Configure Shortcuts) to something like Ctrl + Enter. Mapping to just Enter does not seem possible.

Works because Ubuntu seems to follow freedesktop.org and use the same apps as xdg-open.

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