Ubuntu – How to format the drive completely to prepare it for any OS, not specifically Ubuntu?

hard drive

I am sad to say it, but I am turning my back on Ubuntu. One last thing I need to know though is how to nuke my hard drive. I have tried a couple sites, but they are all using Ubuntu Live CD's, which I am assuming means they want to get rid of a standing OS, white downloading Ubuntu. What I need is the opposite. I just need to clear my hard drive, and have it ready for another OS, but I would rather not say what kind.

Thanks to all of you in advance, and Ubuntu will always have a special place in my CD rack ^-^

Best Answer

  • You can use the installation media you use for the OS you put on that system. All installation media will have a 'delete partition' option.

    It is the easiest method since you will need to format the disc anyways if you go back to Windows or MacOS. Just remove the partitions and create 1 or more new ones.

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