Ubuntu – How to fully maximize window in Xubuntu by dragging title bar to top edge


In Xubuntu 12.10, I am able to drag a window title bar to the top of the screen and it will maximize, but it will only maximize the top half of the display. Is there a way so it maximizes to the full screen like in Ubuntu?

Best Answer

  • Simple answer is no, this feature does not exist in Xfce 4.10

    You could:

    • maximize the window by double clicking on the window header
    • use keyboard short-cut:

    Alt+F5 Maximize current Width

    Alt+F6 Maximize current Height

    Alt+F9 Minimize current window.

    Alt+F10 Maximize the current window.

    Or create your own shortcut using the Window Manager in the settings

    I found this: LINK