Ubuntu – How to get a working mtp connection for Galaxy S2 in 12.04?


Any one able to get proper MTP connection setup for Galaxy S2?

Ubuntu 12.04 detects my device and automatically mounts it but it's only partial.

The problems are:

  1. When I connect my device it immediately shows the above shown error:

    Unable to mount Android: Error initialising camera: -60: Could not
    lock the device

  2. In nautilus, if I select the device, It takes a very long time (At least a minute ) before it shows any device content. nautilus loading

  3. Support is only partial. I can copy and delete but cannot read them. Photos can be read but if I try to play mp3 it fails. Try opening apk file it fails with following dialog: error message

So my question is what settings are to enables to set it up so that that I have 100% MTP connection. I don't think I need to setup a new MTP connection as has been described on various blogs to get MTP. Because I think Ubuntu already detecting it and just needs to tweak a setting or two to give Ubuntu full control of my device.

If there is no other way other than following those blogs then how do I tell Ubuntu to stop automatically mounting my device so that I can setup manually a MTP connection.

Best Answer

  • Android 2.x

    1. On phone, go to: Settings ➔ Wireless and network ➔ USB utilities.
    2. Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
    3. Tap Connect storage to PC.
    4. Scroll down from the phone notification bar. Click USB Mass Storage and tap "Connect storage from PC". The android robot will turn from green to orange. (Important step!)
    5. From your PC, open the folder to view your files.
    6. Copy files between your PC and the memory card.