Ubuntu – How to get CPU-G to run on 18.04


What is necessary to get CPU-G to run on 18.04? I have performed all of the necessary steps I can find (see this post and this post) and searched the internet generally, to no avail.

Attempting to start the program using the Super key brings up the icon, but clicking the icon does nothing. Likewise, entering cpu-g in the Alt-F2 window also has no effect.

I'm sure this must be something really basic, but I don't have the skills to know what to look for.

Thank you.

Best Answer

  • I couldn't find up-to-date information on cpu-g. In the meantime you might want to try hardinfo which you can install with:

    sudo apt install hardinfo

    Then typing hardinfo in the terminal or calling from Dash (Alt+F2) the gui appears like this:


    You can get most if not all the information you need from cpu-g plus a whole lot more information on your machine.

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