Ubuntu – How to get pianobar working with tor and polipo


Wanting to listen to Pandora from outside the US, I followed the instructions here and changed my /etc/tor/torrc file according to the instructions here.

I learned about pianobar, a console-based Pandora player, and decided to give it a try. However, I kept getting the same error:

(i) Login... Network error: Connection refused.

In ~/.config/pianobar/config I tried each of the following lines, to no avail:

proxy = http://localhost:8118/
control_proxy = http://localhost:8118/
control_proxy = http://localhost:9050/

Same error every time.

Best Answer

  • Turns out the solution was simple - just use instead of localhost.

    So the config file now looks like:

    control_proxy =
    user = <my username>
    password = <my password>

    From looking at strace output, it seems that the problem has something to do with IPv6, but I haven't investigated further.

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