Ubuntu – How to get redshift to start with the computer


I have installed Redshift on my computer and it works fine with the command gtk-redshift.

However, it would not start up automatically when using the same command in startup applications.

How do I set it to automatically start?

Best Answer

  • There is a known bug #868904 that stops Redshift starting automatically in 11.10 due to geoclue conflicts on startup.

    See Comment #17 on the bug report for a possible solution of setting the location permanently on start up.

    1) Use http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html or any other service to find your latitude/longitude

    2) Adjust the startup command of redshift to: gtk-redshift -l <latitude>:<longitude>

    Example of latitude/longitude of Amsterdam for redshift: gtk-redshift -l 52.37:4.9

    It is reportedly fixed in the package 1.7-1ubuntu2 but the Launchpad homepage for the project lists only 1.7-0ubuntu1 built 35 weeks ago.

    You could try downloading direct from their website to see if it fixes the issue with a later version.