Ubuntu – How to get rid of grey area after gnome-screenshot being executed


Right after I make a screenshot using gnome-screenshot some grey rectangle stays on the screen indicating the screenshot area.

In order to remove it, I need to close the gnome-screenshot window manually.

The worst part is that those rectangles are:

  • layering and placed above all screen windows,
  • making the whole interface darker,
  • spoiling all other screenshots over this area.

See the picture after three screenshots taken around the same white area:

Could anyone tell, how to get rid of this areas?
Is it possible?
(Since closing gnome-screenshot windows manually each time is a little bit annoying. I want to make a thousand of pictures and then close all the screenshot windows with two clicks in a taskbar/launcher.)

NB: I know about Shutter and other screenshot programs. The question is about gnome-screenshot in latest Ubuntus, like 16.10, 16.04.

Best Answer

  • I had the same issue and changing permissions of ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel fixed it for me.

    sudo chown user:user ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel

    Replace 'user:user' with your username of course.