Ubuntu – how to give user server name instead of ip when connecting through SSH


I have a virtualbox on which I have installed ubuntu 12.04. My host computer is Mac OS (mavericks). I did a SSH key copy to my remote (which is ubuntu server and I call it myubuntu).

when I did

ssh username@myubuntu
ssh: Could not resolve hostname ubuntuhadoop: nodename nor servname provided, or not known

but when I tried:

ssh username@

I was able to log in to the remote server (which is myubuntu).

why is it need that I give IP address it connects properply but not the servername.

I am not sure if this is possible. But I found in one of youtube tutorials.
ssh myubuntu (NOT username@myubuntu)
and logged onto the remote server, without username. is this possible?

Best Answer

You have a few options.

If you need access from only a few locations, or a single location, update /etc/hosts

sudo nano /etc/hosts

Add an entry for your server myubuntu

Second, purchase or find a free DNS service, http://www.noip.com/free/ or similar.

Third, ssh uses your current user name by default, so if you have the same user name on both client and server, just ssh server_name

ssh your_server

You only need to specify a user name if the names are different or you want a new user

ssh new_user@your_server