Ubuntu – How to go about porting Ubuntu Touch to different devices


I would like to port Ubuntu Touch to a device that is currently not supported. What are the requirements for doing this and where do I begin?

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  • Ubuntu (Touch) 13.10 is released; it's stable for developers now. You can get the step-by-step guide here.

    However, I used the CyanogenMod. Check the building CyanogenMod guide to learn how to build it.

    Building from source for Android guide, and Building Ubuntu Touch wiki should help you as well.

    After it is ready, visit the Porting Ubuntu Touch guide along with the Ubuntu Phone Install guide given before.

    The steps are:

    1. Build Cyanomod
    2. Root Android
    3. Port

    These links give you a fair idea of how you should proceed. The actual code to be used differs from device to device, due to the different drivers, (but, Terminal commands would remain roughly the same) and it's something you'd have to work on yourself with lots of trial & error.

    I tried porting to Lava Xolo Q800, which was built fine, and it installed too. But, it does nothing that a smartphone should do apart from connecting to WiFi. I've now reinstalled Android.

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