Ubuntu – How to have programmer-friendly Dvorak with deadkeys in Ubuntu

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The current keyboard layout Dvorak with deadkeys is horrible.
All those "¨` are under one key which is not practical for a programmer.
OSX has well distributed programmer keys in Dvorak with deadkeys.

Please, feel free to propose solutions that work independently of xmodmap because it is going be deprecated.

How can you change the keybinding of the active-deadkey button in Ubuntu?
How can you make better Dvorak with deadkeys for a programmer in Ubuntu?

Best Answer

  • I really like the way how Ubuntu 16.04 has solved the case on Macbook Air, here but I like the reverse way better about the fix in Macbook and PC. The tilde and backtick key will print the greater than and less than symbol, which I really like. This is very convenient also in PCs, and original thread. Edit ~/.xmodmaprc

    keycode 60 = grave asciitilde


    xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc

    Find your keys by xmodmap -pk | grep greater; I really like the following configuration

        60         0x002e (period) 0x003e (greater)        
        93         0x003c (less)   0x003e (greater)        0x007c (bar)    0x00a6 
    (brokenbar)      0x007c (bar)    0x00a6 (brokenbar)