Ubuntu – How to hide the Toolbar in Evince Full Screen Mode


Let me preface this by saying I'm new to Linux, but I'm willing to try anything you wizards can conjure up (preferably a keyboard shortcut though)!

When I use Evince 3.10.3 in full screen mode I'm greeted with this nice-looking, but semi-annoying toolbar that takes up some of my screen real estate at the top…:

That Beautiful Toolbar That's Getting in My Way...

In the Evince documentation I see that the section on the Toolbar says to Show, hide, or edit the toolbar; when I go to the page all I see is a layout of the corresponding functions of the toolbar, but no information is given as to how I can hide the toolbar:

Okay, This Looks Good!
Wait, Where's The Tip & Trick?!

How do I hide the toolbar in Evince version 3.10.3, or a version that includes this similar setup with the toolbar?

P.S. Sometimes the toolbar magically fades away. I just want a way to invoke this behavior on demand. Thanks!

Best Answer

The short answer is, you can't.

Evince 3.4.0 (on 12.04) had the option to hide the toolbar from the menu View > Toolbar then select Fullscreen from the menu or via F11 key will hide the toolbar in fullscreen mode.

Apparently, this feature has been removed from newer version of Evince and it has been reported as bug on launchpad and in mailing list as well.

Perhaps this might be fixed with newer version, but who knows.

Immediate workarounds would be either:

  • using window manager as suggested by @zarnaik
  • use other PDF viewer such as MuPDF, etc.

I have used MuPDF on Xubuntu 14.04, and it seems to achieve what you want: no toolbar and able to zoom to any width, while viewing in fullscreen.