Ubuntu – How to import a pdf in libreoffice? under ubuntu, all pages are blank


I have some .pdf generated by a scanner, that I want to import in LibreOffice and do some small editing. The PDF has only one object per page, a page-size image.
If I open it in LibreOffice under Ubuntu 12.10, it imports "successfully" but all pages are blank. I have the libreoffice-pdfimport package installed.
That is true with both LibreOffice 3.6 (part of Ubuntu 12.10) and with 4.0.2, from libreoffice ppa.

The same .pdf files open perfectly fine on both LibreOffice for Windows and LibreOffice for Mac (yes, I have three computers with all three OSes), but on Ubuntu 12.10, all pages are blank, so I can only conclude this is an issue with Ubuntu packaging, or something really weird prevents it from working under linux.

How can I import these kinds of .pdf into LibreOffice for editing?

Best Answer

If you make sure the scan is 1 page per pdf, you can open en edit it with Gimp.

As long there is no text-recognition done by the scanning software, libre-office or open-office will never be able to do editing.

A simple scan gives you a image (build up by pixels) => editable by gimp

Afterwards it's possible to do text-recognition => editable by libre-office or open-office

It's also possible to make a vector drawing from the image => editable by inkscape