Ubuntu – How to increase clipboard size


If I try to copy-paste a large amount of text (from Firefox to LibreOffice), the amount of text thus copied is truncated.
What setting / application imposes this limit (I assume it is the DE)? And is there anyway to increase the size of the clipboard?

Best Answer

  • You can use GLIPPER which is Klipper's Gnome Cousin. Click here Glipper (Install link)

    Some of the features are:

    • Will not truncate your data. At least I tested by copying from my Blog a whole post that was 3387 words total.

    • You can have a maximum of 1024 entries (Klipper can have 4096). But I think that having 100 is enough.

    • Very easy to use, just highlight some text and done. You do not need to copy it. Just highlighted it.

    enter image description here

    After installing it you need to logout/login to make it show on the panel.