Ubuntu – How to increase the disk space of Ubuntu installed besides Windows 7


It is true that there are similar questions in the forum… But as I installed Ubuntu under Windows 7 long time ago, I do not remember how I did it or whether I used Wubi, which is discussed in many similar questions.

So the situation is, I had Windows 7 installed on the laptop in the very beginning, then I installed Ubuntu so that this is a dual system (once again, i could not remember how I did it).

Today when I use "Disk Usage Analyzer" to scan the disks. It says:

Total filesystem capacity: 303.2 GB (used: 162.2 GB available: 141.0 GB)

And the size of root is 161.1 GB whose usage is 100%. It seems that the files under my Windows are all counted in this 161.GB. So now the question is how to make use of the rest 141.0 GB, especially extend Ubuntu space with that.

Could anyone help? Thank you very much.

As suggested, here is some images from Disk Utility: http://imgur.com/a/CG06S#hGaZl and images from Disk Usage Analyzer http://imgur.com/SVpaV , the folder under /media is mounted from Windows (so both Windows and Ubuntu could share it)

Best Answer

If the moment you have to select whether to run Windows or Ubuntu, the title on top of screen says "Windows Boot Manager" than you probably have used Wubi and you should follow this link.

Try the above link and if it didn't work or you can't or don't want (no time or not interested) to understand what happens in the howto, I would reinstall Ubuntu with more disk space.

PS: Don't forget to save your data when you work with partitions!