Ubuntu – How to install a program published as a tar.gz file


I'm trying to download and install software for my Ubuntu Linux machine. I've downloaded it by wget or the download link and so I get this tar.gz file. After that, I extracted it and saved it to my desktop. What's the next step? How do I install this kind of software?

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  • To install one usually only needs a few commands. After downloading and placing the tar in the directory you wish to install it in (I use my home dir as it is easy) follow the steps by opening a terminal and making sure you are in your home by typing


    This will show the files in the directory and you should also see pcmonitor.tar.gz listed

    Next you want to unpack pcmonitor.tar.gz with

    tar xzvf pcmonitor.tar.gz

    This will create a directory named pcmonitor. Check for it by using ls. Now you want to run install do this with

    sudo ./install

    The sudo is because the installation needs root privledges. From here the installation should take over. Hope this helps.

    P.S. It is note worthy to state that this install is not the usual

    tar xvzf *.tar.gz
    cd *
    ./configure [options]
    sudo make install

    that works for many other tarballs you may download in the future.

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