Ubuntu – How to install a .ttf font in Xubuntu 11.10 32-bit


I installed the OCR-A font in Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit using the Font Viewer. As usual, I just double-clicked the file and then Install, without problems. But, when I tried to do the same in another PC with Xubuntu 11.10 32-bit, it simply does nothing. I installed gnome-font-viewer to try it (I know Xubuntu uses Xfce, but nothing worked). So, do anyone know how to install a font in Xubuntu 32-bit? Will I need another kind of font viewer?

Best Answer

After installing gnome-font-viewer, opening the font with it and clicking 'Install Font' should do the trick for the current user.

Alternatively, you can just copy the fonts to the ~/.fonts directory.

If you want to make the font available system-wide, copy the font files to /usr/share/fonts and then run sudo mkfontdir.