Ubuntu – How to install add-ons in MS Office (Wine)


I am forced to use MS Office 2010 through Wine in order to colaborate with my colleagues who all use MS Office. I would like to know if, and how I can install Plugins for Word in Wine. Specifically I need the Mendeley Plugin (citation software) and the Grammarly Plugin (grammar correction). A general solution that helps me to figure it out myself would be welcome as well.

I saw this post detailing how to install the Jedox Plugin for Excel in Wine. So I think, that in theory, this should be also possible for other Plugins, however, information and tutorials are extremly sparse.

Please do not suggest me LibreOffice as an alternative. I am trying to use the LibreOffice workaround for several years now and I have constantly problems with the compatability. This is especially the case for using Mendeley citations which are not correctly imported and exported.