Ubuntu – How to install and manage RPMs


I have a burning desire to install RPMs onto my Ubuntu installation – is this possible? Can I use Yum – or another RPM Package Management tool?

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  • Can I use Yum

    I wouldn't recommend it. You probably could compile it but you wouldn't have any Ubuntu-compatible package repositories for it to handle.

    You can convert single RPM files into DEBs with Alien:

    sudo apt-get install alien
    sudo alien my_package.rpm
    sudo dpkg -i my_package.deb

    Note: It might change the filename a little more than just the extension.

    This won't work for everything as packages link to other packages to fulfil dependencies. Obviously Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS use different package names to Ubuntu so you're likely going to run into a whole load of pain.

    Chances are if a DEB doesn't exist, you'll be better off just getting the source and compiling it.

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