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gnomesoftware installation

I followed the instructions for compiling GNOME Shell and it did compile with a few errors here and there but it didn't run. I installed GNOME Shell using sudo apt-get install gnome-shell but I got version 2.31.x, while the latest is 2.91.5 or something. So is there a way for me to install the latest build?

Is there some repository available for the latest build?

Best Answer

  • Installing from the Software Center (11.10 and newer)

    Open the software center search for "gnome shell" and install it, or just click this button:

    Install via the software center

    enter image description here

    After it installs, log out.

    • For 11.10

      at the login screen click the little gear icon and select "GNOME" from the menu.

      Screenshot credited to datengrund.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/1.png

    • For 12.04 and 12.10

      At the login screen click the icon show and select "GNOME" from the menu.

      enter image description here

      Screenshot credited to 3.bp.blogspot.com/-2Z6BaRDokKs/T5pFnOu92sI/AAAAAAAADtg/bD8BAJuEh5M/s320/Gnome-Shell-session-menu.png

    After that just put in your password and login:

    The login manager will remember the last session you went into so you only need to select GNOME once, after that you can just login normally.

    Customizing it further

    You can also use the fallback mode if you prefer an old-school experience:

    And if you use auto logins you might need to tell lightdm to always use shell:

    Other Goodies to install with it

    Command Line Instructions:

     sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

    Where to report problems:

    • Discussion about GNOME3 packaging (Mailing list link on the bottom left): https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team
      • Most problems and issues with this set of packages can go on this list, it should be the first place you report problems and issues.
    • Bug reports that are NOT packaging related: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/
      • If GNOME3 isn't working well it could be packaging related, so please don't just randomly report bugs to GNOME unless you are confident that it's an upstream GNOME problem.
      • If you're not sure if you should report the bug upstream then ask someone either on IRC or on the mailing list above if you need help determining if something should be reported to GNOME.
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