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I am having issues downloading the newest version of ClipGrab http://clipgrab.de/en.

I tried to install it in the terminal, and tried finding the software in Ubuntu Software Center. I have even tried to extract the folder for which the software is in at with no luck.

When trying to install in the terminal it gives me an error about my ppa.

No downloadable video could be found.

This is what happens when I try to download Clip Grab. I open it up, and then the web page pops up every time I try to use this program….every time, and I have removed the old version, put the new version in…..still NO LUCK.

I love this program, it has worked for several months, and this is annoying that I can not use this program now.

Best Answer

  • Clipgrab

    Clipgrab had some issue, it is now fixed in the latest release. To install, run these commands in a terminal (Open it with Ctrl-Alt-T ) to install it

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:clipgrab-team/ppa
    sudo apt-get update

    and then

    sudo apt-get install clipgrab

    Alternative 1: Youtube-dl (CLI tool)

    You can try to using "youtube-dl". It is better than clipgrab in downloading the youtube downloader. To install it, run this command

    sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

    The downside is youtube-dl is a command line tool.

    Alternative 2: Minitube

    Install it using the link

    minitube Install minitube

    or using terminal:

    sudo apt-get install minitube