Ubuntu – How to install driver for Linksys ae6000 wireless usb adapter


I am very new to linux and don't quite understand how to install/update anything via the command line. I am running 64 bit ubuntu 14.04 and have connected to the internet only when using the Ethernet cable. I have researched somewhat on what I need to do to install the WiFi USB adapter for linksys ae6000 but unfortunately I am very lost in the whole process. Do I need to build the driver and if so where do I start?

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  • Steps:

    1. Unplug WiFi dongle from USB
    2. Update your sources and upgrade if any:

      sudo apt-get update 
      sudo apt-get upgrade
    3. Install GNU compiler collection:

      sudo apt-get install build-essential
    4. Install git:

      sudo apt-get install git

    5. Get sources:

      git clone https://sanrath@bitbucket.org/sanrath/mediatek_mt7610u_sta_driver_linux-64bit.git
    6. Build driver:

      cd mediatek_mt7610u_sta_driver_linux-64bit
      make clean
      sudo make install 
    7. After the last command connect your USB WiFi adapter to any USB port.
    8. If you still can't see it:

      sudo ifconfig ra0 up
      sudo service network-manager restart

    Then you should have it working and seeing the wireless networks.

    Thanks to pintu for making this possible

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