Ubuntu – How to install games (.sh and .bin games)

gamessoftware installation

I recently purchased the humble bundle but I am having trouble installing the games and getting them to run.

Some of them are .sh and others are .bin files. On a terminal, I have cd to the location where I downloaded them to and typed chmod +x * so I can apply it to the games that I downloaded. After that i type sudo ./gamefile.sh for the game that is a .sh file.

And when I try to run them I get error saying that a file is not found in the game directory but I see it there and even checked the permissions.

Another game that is a .sh file as well, runs and loads but then it just sends me to straight to the desktop. I don't know if its relevant but I am running the latest Ubuntu version on a Chromebook.

So after trying all of the suggestions, I failed to notice an error reported by the terminal while it was installing.

Verifying archive integrity… All good. Uncompressing Mojo
Setup………….. Collecting info for this system… Operating
system: linux CPU Arch: x86_64 trying mojosetup in bin/linux/x86_64

(mojosetup:12936): IBUS-WARNING **: The owner of
/home/user/.config/ibus/bus is not root!`

Best Answer

ok then , it is about your OS bit size(32bit or 64bit) you can try : sudo apt-get install ia32-libs and then try installing again.if any problem report us please...