Ubuntu – How to install gedit-latex-plugin without installing the rest of TeX


After installing ubuntu 12.04 Gedit has gotten much better (faster), and I'm considering using it for LaTeX.

I have installed TeXLive 2011 via their own installation script (Ubuntu repositories only have 2009 version), so I'd like to install gedit-latex-plugin without installing TeXLive from the repositories.
This should be possible as far as I can see, as texlive is only recommended by the gedit-latex-plugin package, but I guess that there is some dependency of tex, that is only fulfil-able by texlive, which Synaptic doesn't show me.

Now, I'd like to know the following:
Does anyone know of anywhere I can get this plugin without this dependency?

I have tried looking at the plug-ins homepage, but I find it a bit confusing.

Best Answer

I believe you need to install a dummy package to fool the system into believing the distribution's Tex system is installed, one of the best instructions I have seen to do this is here: http://blogs.ethz.ch/ubuntu/2011/03/14/tex-live-2010-installation/ , it is for Texlive 2010 but just make the modifications to suite your version and platform and it will work.

It essentially means using the equivs package to build the dummy package, for you to install, you still need to install tex-common texinfo and lmodern, perl-tk` is used by the Texlive update system GUI Implementation so if you want to run tlmgr with a Gui you should install it.