Ubuntu – How to install Google appengine

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How can I install Google's appengine in Ubuntu 12.04?

Is there an easy method to install it with all dependencies? Is there a PPA?

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Install Google App Engine

Extract the zipped file either use the context menu to extract files into a folder. After you finish extracting, you will get a folder google_appengine which has all the necessary files to develop application. To complete the installation and to able to run Google App Engine, we must specify its path definition. You can specify the PATH definition in the terminal only using

export PATH=$PATH:/home/your_user_name/Desktop/google_appengine/

But path specified using export command is valid as long as you are inside the current terminal window. That means as soon as you close the window, the path specified becomes invalid. To specify the path in the system, you have to edit


and specify the path there.

All set & done, now you have the shiny Google App Engine up & running its time to do the real job. Let us make an ‘Hello World’ application for Google App Engine, using you own Linux Box – excited ? To start using app engine, you have to register an application at


That requires your usual Google Account’s credentials and the environment is ready to be used instantly.

this tutorial describes how to develop and deploy a simple Python 2.7 project with Google App Engine.