Ubuntu – How to install hardware drivers for the laptop


Everytime I change the OS I usually format my laptop. It is an HP tx-2 Touchsmart. It has a touchscreen and additional hardware that isn't working (i.e. volume control buttons and the network discovery) If I was on windows I would just download the hardware drivers from the HP website. How do I go about installing the software for the built-in hardware of my laptop?

I am new to the community and I really want to get this computer working like it used to, to get the full Ubuntu experience. Please direct me, thank you.

Best Answer

If your hardware as open drivers for Ubuntu, they will be install with Ubuntu. If there is driver from HP, you can find them into your Setting->Additional drivers.

This is Jockey, and it will let you know which drivers are available for your hardware. Just select which one you want and click Install.