Ubuntu – How to install HP P1102W printer driver

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Trying to install drivers for a HP P1100W on Ubuntu 12.04.

The printer was recognized as soon as I hooked it up. I'm using the USB cable.

I followed the directions of this question
working with command hp-plugin for printer

and I get the message that I now need the "HP-Plugin.

Also, how do I get rid of all the test prints that are still spooled? There is no clear button.

Best Answer

  • Solved after much reading...

    Go to the hplip support page

    Click download hplip

    Go to Downloads or wherever it was saved and run the script, for example

    sh hplip-3.14.10.run

    (depending on the version - use ls to see it in the terminal)

    Follow directions in your terminal.

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