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16.04ibus-avrolanguagesoftware installation

I tried to install ibus-avro, using the procedure that applied in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. This procedure does not work in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Is there any other procedure to install avro in my new version of Ubuntu?

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  • Important note:

    Avro Phonetic has now been made available to Ubuntu users via an official package.

    To install it:

    sudo apt install ibus-avro

    ibus-avro in the Ubuntu archive installs the latest upstream software, including a bugfix which is important to Ubuntu users. The GitHub repo referred to in step 1 and 2 below is in read-only mode, and not useful any longer.

    Previous answer:

    1. Get the latest release of Avro from GitHub (at this time, it is 2.1).

    2. Install the package:

      sudo dpkg -i avro_*_all.deb

      If you get any dependency errors, run the following command:

      sudo apt-get install -f

      The installation should now be finished.

    3. Go to System Settings -> Language Support from Unity Launcher

      • Look at the Keyboard input method system
      • Select IBus and close the window.
    4. You may need to restart IBus to make everything work. Try the following command:

      ibus restart

      Otherwise a reboot may be required.

    5. Go to System Settings -> Keyboard -> Text Entry.

      • Search for Avro Phonetic, and add it as input source.
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