Ubuntu – How to install lightdm-set-defaults

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ubuntu wiki LightDM states:

LighDM configuration is governed by the lightdm.conf file, however it's not suppose to be directly edited, instead use:


$ lightdm-set-defaults
lightdm-set-defaults: command not found
$ sudo lightdm-set-defaults
sudo: lightdm-set-defaults: command not found
$ lightdm -v
lightdm 1.4.0

synaptic 0.75.12 'Quick filter' finds no matches on 'lightdm-set-defaults'.

How do I install 'lightdm-set-defaults'?

Best Answer

  • As of Ubuntu Trusy 14.04, lightdm-set-defaults is no longer available. This is because lightdm now uses a configuration directory /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/ rather than a single configuration file. The files in this directory can be edited by hand, new files can be added, or files can be removed. There is no longer any need for a command that edits the single configuration file.