Ubuntu – How to install minimal but functional MATE DE from network boot mini.iso


Let's consider that we have downloaded network boot mini.iso (real Ubuntu version does not matter, but LTS is better).

How should I install minimal but functional MATE Desktop Environment from it?

Best Answer

  • You have two options here:

    • Select Ubuntu MATE minimal desktop on package/task selection page.
    • Install minimal system and then install all needed packages with tasksel:

      sudo tasksel install ubuntu-mate-core

    The resulting system will be small (about 4 Gb), but functional.
    You can then adjust this basement to suite your needs.


    1. if you have at least 8.6 Gb of disk space - you can use official Ubuntu MATE installer and select minimal installation in it.
    2. if you are interested in installing the full MATE DE - it is installable from other task package named ubuntu-mate-desktop^ - see my other answer.
    3. do not use tasksel to remove packages from the system (see this post for details)!