Ubuntu – How to install NetSurf web browser in ubuntu 14.04

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I am using 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 OS.

I want to install NetSurf web browser in
Ubuntu 14.04

This browser supports Linux(mentioned in official site of NetSurf )
The only providing .deb binary for Debian
download page of net surf browser for debian squeez

I downloaded .deb ,from this download link,provided at official site of net surf browser.

I tried to install downloaded deb file using
sudo dpkg -i pakagename method

But installation failed…

What is the easy and correct way to install
NetSurf browser
in Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit)

Best Answer

Go and download the source (preferably the top, most recent link on that page), and compile it yourself by extracting the archive to ~/netsurf then:

cd ~/netsurf
sudo make
sudo make install

or simply , download *.deb file(binary file) from official website of NetSurf
and install it, by using software centre or by Gdebi package installer or
cd into directory which consists downloaded binary file and then, install it using below command

sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb

here, package_name is downloaded package name.
if you encounter any problems dependency problems , run,

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install

for me,
the above command solved problem occurred during installation process.