Ubuntu – How to install network-manager without internet access


I have been trying to install some kind of network indicator to show my current bandwidth usage on the panel on top of the screen so I decided to install https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network

But just after I have put
sudo apt-get install indicator-network I have uninstalled a bunch of vital ubuntu applications e.g. network manager – which was my fault because Ubuntu warned me about it but hey! – why would it mark these applications to remove while installing just an indicator ?

Now I am unable to connect to the internet with that machine on Ubuntu. How can I install network manager back or install it from the USB boot drive with 12.04 that I have ?

Best Answer

  • You don't need NetworkManager to connect to a network. Assuming you're using automatic configuration (probably you are) you just need to sudo dhclient eth0 to get an IP address (replace eth0 with your network device if that's the case).