Ubuntu – How to install programs on other Ubuntu machines without using the Internet

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I have several computers running Ubuntu. I also have a slow Internet connection.

If I install programs using apt-get, does that put installation files somewhere which I can access, so that I can use those to also install the same programs on my other Ubuntu machine instead of having to download the same thing multiple times from the net?

What's the way to do this?

Best Answer

  • Yes it is possible.

    Those file are stored in /var/apt/cache/archives.

    1. You can copy those files manually or use software like AptonCD.

      But this will require you to update the source file using apt-get which is also a pain in slow internet connections.

    What I would recommend is to,

    1. Customize a live CD to include all necessary software and use that media to install it in other system.

      You use UCK for this purpose.

    Another possible way is

    1. Install ubuntu in one computer. Update with necessary software.

      Use remastersys to create an image of your system and use it for installation in others.

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