Ubuntu – How to install road-rash game into linux? how to install registry files manually into wine


How to install old road rash game into wine and manually edit registry. I try it by following way but i unable to fix it. Provide simple step by step guide for it.
I read:-
Is it possible to add registry entries to the wine registry and make illustrator work?

Best Answer

    1. Install wine-development

      sudo aptitude purge wine
      rm -rf    $HOME/.wine
      sudo aptitude install wine-development
    2. Download Road Rash

       https://kat.cr/road-rash-t1890054.html(the link is broken)
       https://gamesnostalgia.com/download/road-rash_/1724 (roadrash_win.7z 
       16.4MB, this link is ok) 
    3. Install Road Rash

      wine-development Road\ Rash.exe
    4. Edit registry, go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Electronic Arts\RoadRash 95] change "Path"="C:\somepath" to "Path"="C:\yourpath"

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