Ubuntu – How to install snappy packages in Ubuntu 16.04

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There are lots of news going on about support for 'Snaps' in 16.04. In the original post, Olli wrote:

In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS we will make it possible to install snap packages
alongside traditional deb packages. These two packaging formats live
quite comfortably next to one another and enable us to maintain our
existing processes for development and updates to the OS

and he goes on talking about developers and security..etc..

But questions remain as to how to find a snappy package and how to install a snappy package? How to even know if an application has a snappy package? Is there a 'snappy repository' that hosts these snappy applications?

Best Answer

I was able to first:

sudo apt install ubuntu-snappy-cli

then you search the repo by:

sudo snap find

but by now the repo is small

to install nmap for example:

sudo snap install nmap

to show all the installed snaps:

sudo snap list

that is it.

Now, the dpkg system will show blank entry, as a proof that nmap is not installed via DPKG:

dpkg -l |grep nmap

the nmap snap binary is installed under:

:~$ which nmap

To update a snap:

sudo snap refresh nmap

But I still have to find out why the sudo command wouldn't find the binary of the snap package:

:~$ sudo nmap
sudo: nmap: command not found