Ubuntu – How to install the iso file of ubuntu 14.04 into VirtualBox in means of command line, which is installed in the linux server from windows using putty

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This situation is somewhat complicated!

I use win7 os and I have to work on the Linux server by the SSH client, PuTTY.

Right now I have installed the VirtualBox into the Linux server in means of command line(since I have to install the VB by PuTTY, where there is no GUI). Then I have to install the iso file of ubuntu-14.04 into the VB in means of command line, too. In order to complete it, I downloaded the VirtualBox_usermanual and executed the procedures as the manual says. However, when I enter the command as follows, the green focus just stayed there

[b50039@neptune ubuntu]$ vboxheadless –startvm ubuntu_14_04

Oracle VM VirtualBox Headless Interface 4.3.10

(C) 2008-2014 Oracle Corporation

All rights reserved.

VRDE server is listening on port 5000.

[green focus]

Could anybody help me? Emergency!!!