Ubuntu – How to install the opus audio encoder


I would like to try out the opus audio encoder, but can't find it in the repositories. Can anyone here help me get it installed on my computer? I have some wav files which I would like to convert to the opus audio format.

However, I have found this link, but each time I click on the appropriate deb download, the package manager opens, but displays an error message saying that there are dependency issues (lib0gg0).

Best Answer

  • The opus audio codecs are installed with the following packages:

    • libogg0 (>= 1.3.0)
    • libopus0
    • opus-tools

    All these packages are already built ready to be available for Ubuntu 12.10 alpha and can be downloaded from the mirrors.

    However be warned: if you downloaded these not yet fully tested packages and installed them manually in an earlier Ubuntu release you may break your sound system in case there are incompatibilites. This may especially be true for the Ogg library as the upgraded version replaces the previous installed older version.

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