Ubuntu – How to install Ubuntu from an USB drive / create a live USB-stick in Windows


I tried to use the usb-creator.exe from Ubuntu 10.10 desktop i386 ISO image and it does create an USB stick that doesn't boot. When I try to boot from it I get:

Operating System not found.

I try to do this from Windows 7 x64. I'm not looking to create a live Ubuntu media, only an installation USB disk.

I repeated the process several times and I even tried to reformat the USB drive (FAT32), no success yet.

The USB stick is a 8GB one.

Best Answer

  • Well you can create a Live-USB disk that can be used for installing the operating system with unetbootin. Here is the official documentation on USB installation.

    Make sure that you boot the USB disk at system startup, i.e. when you on your computer. That means the BIOS of your computer has to be set to try to boot from USB before it boots from hard drive and the stick has to be inserted before hard drive booting takes place.

    The usual procedure from within Ubuntu is to use Startup Disk Creator. With that you just select the Ubuntu image or LiveCD and the USB-Media and go ahead. See picture below:

    Startup Disk Creator usage