Ubuntu – How to install using the internal hard drive

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I want to switch from windows to linux cause I heard its good for programming, But I dont have an external hard drive or usb I can use and cant use a disc cause no disc drive, Is there a way to install it with the hard drives in my computer?

Best Answer

UNetbootin Frugal Install

You can use a UNetbootin Frugal Install, https://sourceforge.net/p/unetbootin/wiki/installmodes/, to create a temporary Ubuntu Live install on the corner of your Windows hard disk. You can boot this frugal install and use it to install Ubuntu to unused space on the same hard disk.

In UNetbootin select Type: = Hard Disk. On the next boot after installing Ubuntu, you will be given the oppertunity to remove the frugal install completely.

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I also managed to install Ubuntu using a cell phone: Installing Ubuntu Using Cell Phone Only