Ubuntu – How to install Windows 7 after Ubuntu and dual boot?

dual-bootgrub2windows 7

I just installed Ubuntu, a full install removing the prior OS. I was forced to remove Windows 7 from my HP dv6 because of the max four partitions already being there. I didn't lose anything, all backed up. However, now I am looking to create another partition and install Windows 7 on it.

Do I also need some sort of boot loader that lets me choose which to boot?

Best Answer

  • NOTE: Have a Linux distribution (Ubuntu) on a live CD handy before following the steps below.

    • Create partitions for Windows 7 using GParted in Ubuntu.
    • Boot the Windows 7 disk and install it on the partition created in the previous step. (Windows will not provide you with the option of choosing Ubuntu). So Ubuntu would seem unusable.
    • Recover Ubuntu by using a live CD (or live USB) and following the steps mentioned in Ask Ubuntu question Recovering GRUB after installing Windows 7 (at the end, you should have the option of choosing the operating system from the GRUB menu.)
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