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I sometimes browse erotic media files but I would like to avoid having them appear in files & folders / recent. How can I do that?

The old "making .recently-used.xbel a folder" trick from 10.10 and older doesn't work any more.

Plus I'd prefer to turn off tracking only temporarily.

I also prefer not to use a separate user for this, as switching users sometimes isn't fast enough.

Best Answer

  • Method 1: Using Activity Log Manager

    Ubuntu Precise 12.04

    In Ubuntu Precise Activity Log Manager 0.9 is included by default. It can be accessed from System Settings or just by looking for Privacy.

    Finding Activity Log Manager in Dash enter image description here

    Or you can simply type Privacy in Dash

    enter image description here

    Now you can start blacklisting applications. Screenshots

    enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

    Activity Log Manager in Oneiric and first release

    You can install Activity Log Manager from the Stable PPA.

    For more details about Activity Log Manager you should check out the article on OMG! Ubuntu! and article on Webupd8

    A new version of Activity Log Manager is in development which looks better and is simpler to use. A screenshot of the unreleased Activity Log Manager

    Unreleased Activity Log Manager screenshot

    Method 2: Using Gnome Activity Journal

    You can do it, provided that there is some pattern in the files. For example you have kept all your explicit content in folder /home/mrpig/erotica/ folder.

    Then open Activity Journal which is a GUI frontend to Zeitgeist which acts as a Dashboard showing your recent activities. On top right Zeitgeist Icon, click it and Preferences. Check "Blacklist Manager" plugin

    Then goto "BlackList Manager" tab. Click on New button, and then edit the new entry which comes as file:///home/mrpig/erotica/*

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