Ubuntu – How to list all the packages which are installed from PPAs

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I installed many packages from many PPAs on my system. I want to list all the installed packages which are installed from launchpad PPAs, not repositories.

Is this possible through command-line?

Best Answer

The following command returns the package name and its ppa (if installed from a ppa):

apt-cache policy $(dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall$ | awk '{ print $1 }') | perl -e '@a = <>; $a=join("", @a); $a =~ s/\n(\S)/\n\n$1/g;  @packages = split("\n\n", $a); foreach $p (@packages) {print "$1: $2\n" if $p =~ /^(.*?):.*?500 http:\/\/ppa\.launchpad\.net\/(.*?)\s/s}'


  • dpkg --get-selections gives only the installed packages after grep -v deinstall$
  • awk '{ print $1 }' returns only the package name
  • perl -e '@a = <>; $a=join("", @a)' concatenates all the lines returned by apt-cache policy
  • $a =~ s/\n(\S)/\n\n$1/g; adds a newline between each package section
  • @packages = split("\n\n", $a); is a perl array containing all the packages infos, one package per item.
  • foreach $p (@packages) {print "$1: $2\n" if $p =~ /^(.*?):.*?500 http:\/\/ppa\.launchpad\.net\/(.*?)\s/s} is a loop where the package and the ppa are printed if a ppa with prio 500 is found in the policy.