Ubuntu – How to make a detailed report of ClamAv scan results (location of infected files)


I'm scanning with ClamAv and I got the following summary:

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 4724261
Engine version: 0.99
Scanned directories: 128878
Scanned files: 791920
Infected files: 29
Total errors: 25699
Data scanned: 187109.62 MB
Data read: 1683517.68 MB (ratio 0.11:1)
Time: 19860.535 sec (331 m 0 s)

My question is: how to find the infected files?
I tried to open stdout but I know no application to do that.
I tried to find a log file… couldn't

Best Answer

I use sudo clamscan / --recursive | tee clamscan.log, so that I can both watch the results go by, and inspect the whole output afterward.

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