Ubuntu – How to make a video for YouTube on Linux


In many YouTube videos there is a guy talking something to his laptop and recording a movie with his laptop built-in camera and a microphone. My questions are:

  1. What program do you recommend to shoot such video in Linux?

  2. How to get rid of a horrible static noise? On my HP Pavilion I can record sound but when I turn up "L R Capture" to 100% in order to gain the best sound volume in output recording I can hear a clear background noise. Here someone has said that it's impossible to remove this sound. But there is no such noise in YouTube videos! How do they do that?

Best Answer

  • I personally use the same I'd use on windows :

    OBS studio.

    the setup of desktop + webcam or just webcam is intuitive.

    in a terminal type

    sudo apt install ffmpeg -y

    then install obs Studio from flatpack or snap in software center.

    personally I record sound separately (when I want to have high quality) using Audacity (I would do the same with windows) and I use audacity's noise reduction method to clean up the audio.

    then I put the audio and video together in an editing app. Kdenlive in my case.

    it's a bit more work but if you're not willing to invest in better hardware (good sound card or external mixer for static-isolated audio + good microphone) that's what it'll be.

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