Ubuntu – How to make an easy complete full backup, including all configurations


I want to know how to backup entire applications and configurations of the system and applications, allowing me to exclude some directories.

  1. Must be GUI, bad at command-line (can be a script for periodical automatic quick backups)
  2. Entire directories of my user's files and configurations of system and of applications.
  3. Allow exclusion of some directories, which I have backup manually myself
  4. Automatic, of everyday (customizable to which date, when exactly at which time, allow auto deletions or increment)
  5. Allow restore when I have done a fresh install. (Restoring all files and configurations, almost like the older version.
  6. Fast backup to my external hard drive.

If you need more information please answer.

Best Answer

  • System Settings > Backup you have many options available, as to which folders to backup, which folders to ignore, where to backup to, including Ubuntu One cloud storage, there's scheduling available, which will regularely do backups for you and many more.

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