Ubuntu – How to make an icon for the new launcher


I just created a new launcher, for teamspeak. This is the contents:

[Desktop Entry]

How can I create an icon that will look good in both the launcher and the Alt + Tab switcher, and the dash? How big does it have to be, and what format should I make it?

Best Answer

  • First, the icon

    Just made you one. CC SA 3.0.

    Adapted from aleixoteixeira's design.

    Get the SVG here - ubuntu will scale it and it will never be blury because it's an SVG file.

    What to do with it now?

    I save all my icons in either /usr/share/icons/ or /usr/share/icons/current_pack. It makes no difference, and I don't know what is better practise.

    png will scale, but when it tries to scale it bigger will look blurry. Only vector graphics files do, so for this svg is best.