Ubuntu – How to make nautilus use file-roller in Ubuntu 18.04 and above like in 17.04


New nautilus is not using file-roller any more by default, it has switched to its native expression, but I want to use file-roller on right click.

I found this answer, which worked in Ubuntu 17.10. But nautilus-actions package is not yet Ubuntu 18.04's official repositories.

So is there any other method for this purpose?

Best Answer

  • Ubuntu 18.04+ method:

    Since nautilus-actions package is not yet in Ubuntu 18.04's official repositories, it's better to use nautilus script instead of nautilus-actions, which doesn't require any additional installation like for nautilus-actions.

    You can do it easily by below commands:

    echo file-roller -d \$@ > ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/File-Roller
    chmod +x ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/File-Roller

    After that you can see File-Roller option in right click Scripts menu.