Ubuntu – How to make possible to install Samsung Kies


I am not sure where this question is set to proper place or not. If not then please guide me to that place.

I have a Samsung Galaxy SII, and doing Android development.

A couple of days before I was using Windows OS, but now I am using Ubuntu.

In Windows I am able to debug my Android app into Galaxy SII with the help of Samsung Kies, but I am not able to do this in Ubuntu.

So what is the alternate of it for Ubuntu. I have googled many times but still not get Kies that support for Ubuntu.

Best Answer

Well, if I'm reading this right, you simply want to debug your app on your Android device. If that is correct, then all you would really need is the Android SDK and set up ADB or "Android Debug Bridge". Its not terribly difficult, but may take some work to get usb working correctly. You will also need to go to Settings>Applications>Debugging>Enable USB Debugging. If using Eclipse to do the application development, there are several tools that will automate sending the test version of the app to your phone.

For a more in depth answer, look at the Android Developer Site here: http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/device.html

Also, it appears that there is no solution for kies on linux. I don't know anything about kies, but the standard Android app development method should work just fine and there's plenty of documentation at the developer site.