Ubuntu – How to make the keyboard shortcuts like macOS on Ubuntu


I've seen plenty of questions regarding this, but they all seem to do a remap of the keys, instead of an actual macOS behavior.

My main use case would be to "split" the shortcuts: for example I would like to have Super+C to copy text, and Ctrl+C to send a SIGINT to the current program.

In this case, a simple remap or swap of Super and Ctrl would not work.

I find the behavior of the mac to be very practical, because all the most common shortcuts use Super, and the famous copy shortcut doesn't overlap the famous SIGINT shortcut.

Most terminal apps react to Ctrl-* shortcuts, and they mostly overlap with "standard" shortcuts. In GNOME Terminal, we have to press Ctrl+Shift+C to copy text, whereas in other applications like Firefox, Ctrl+C is used. This is quite cumbersome and inconsistent compared to Super+C.

Best Answer

Ubuntu 20.04, June 2020

After spending an insane amount of time trying to figure out how to get MacOS-like shortcuts working on Ubuntu, I've found kinto. Just follow the instructions, it worked perfectly on 20.04 for me using an Apple aluminum keyboard. CMD-C/V copies & pastes everywhere and CTRL-C etc. work in the terminal.